In addition to the many individuals, businesses, churches, synagogues, and service organizations in our area that have supported our work, we have been most fortunate to receive generous support from several foundations. To learn more about these foundations, please click on the links below.

We are always looking for additional sources of support, and we would appreciate getting suggestions. So, if you have ideas and contacts, please share them with us!

The New York City Foundation

The Trust helps charitable New Yorkers make a difference.

  • They offer donors a number of flexible, efficient, and rewarding ways to accomplish their charitable giving, now or later.

Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 686-0010 • 909

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Foundation for the Preservation of Green Mountain History

One of Raymond Kopituk’s last decisions before he passed away in late September 2006 was that the Bennington Area Habitat affiliate would receive a generous gift. A long-term Dorset resident, Raymond Kopituk quietly helped many local organizations. Mr. Kopituk loved Vermont and took special pleasure in helping Vermont residents. He knew that Habitat assisted hard-working people to help themselves. He respected the fact that each adult in a Habitat family contributes a minimum of 250 hours of sweat equity and that families pay an interest free mortgage which, in turn, is used to build another Habitat home.

Members of the Foundation board of directors have continued to support Raymond Kopituk's interest in Habitat's work in our community. Additional contributions have been made in 2007,  2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, and we are most grateful for the Foundation's continued interest and generous support.

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James and Irene Hunter Foundation

Before she passed away, Irene Hunter made a contribution that enabled us to complete an engineering study on land that we wished to purchase in Manchester.  We were never able to purchase that land, but Irene's interest in helping hard-working low-income families to live and work in Manchester, especially to have access to Manchester's outstanding educational opportunities was well known.  Sadly, Irene passed away before we were able to purchase the land on Jennifer Lane.  Knowing her interest, Irene's family decided to make a contribution to help us complete the infrastructure work on Jennifer Lane.  They rightly concluded that raising money for building a septic system and upgrading the existing water system and road would be hard.  With the assurance of their support, our board of directors made the decision to purchase 11 acres of land on Jennifer Lane!  Without the assurance of their support, our board would not have been able to purchase the land!


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